Location Ivory Coasr Job type Full Time



E&S Manager

In order to support company work in IVC and in lines with our long-term growth company is looking for Environmental and Social (E&S) Manager with immediate availability. The E&S manager reports to Head- Corporate Social Responsibility & E&S and works in coordination with Country Head IVC and develops the given role.


The Environment and Social Manager(E&S) will be responsible for designing the scope, plan and implement environmental and social management system for the new cashew factory of company International coming up in IVC. The E&S Manager will translate the findings in an Environmental and Social Review Summary and will develop and discuss the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) to bring the project and/or the clientโ€™s business in compliance with the IFC Performance Standards and mitigate E&S related risks.

The E&S Manager will execute

  • Execute due diligence assessments for the new upcoming factory and project in IVC and discuss with potential clients and trading companies sourcing and selling various commodities. Will address the recurrent issues which come in relation to E&S issues to include common issues which involves smallholder farmers. land grab, land rights, child labour, water management and rights, agrochemicals, biodiversity, deforestation, women empowerment and community impacts.
  • Prepare Terms of Reference (ToR) for external consultants who will need to be hired for monitoring reviews โ€“ and manage the execution of the agreed work;
  • Identify the potential of clients with regards to greener production, water savings and inclusiveness.
  • Cooperate with internal stakeholders to streamline the E&S processes and corporate sustainability initiatives;
  • Support companyโ€™s other teams with relevant information on environmental and social aspects in our capacity development program to improve the performance of our clients.
  • Design, Monitor Implementation of E&S Action Plan (ESMS)
  • Develop an ESMS tailored to company’s current and future activities and which should include the following elements:
  • Design and develop an E&S Policy showing management commitment to regulatory compliance, alignment to WBG and IFC E&S standards, commitment to E&S performance and to the allocation of sufficient E&S resources
  • E&S roles and responsibilities procedure including organograms, details of E&S resources and an E&S training program
  • Develop Risk assessments procedure that will cover current and new activities (new ESIAs, workplace risk analysis)
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for addressing key risks of the Project including but not limited to wastewater generation, air emissions, PPE, road safety, hazardous works, manual handling; handling and storageย  of hazardous substance (including agrochemicals), etc.
  • E&S monitoring procedure including inspection checklist and E&S KPI dashboard (water and energy consumption, air emission, waste water, waste generation, OHS incidents, no of hours of training, no of EHS audits, etc.).
  • Design a Stakeholder Engagement Plan that lists the Project’s stakeholders, their degree of influence and interest over the Project’s activity and how they should be engaged (either directly by company or jointly by neighbouring industries).
  • Develop an external grievances mechanism supported by a grievance register
  • Develop a Supply Chain Management Procedure that includes the steps for the selection of suppliers based on E&S criteria, E&S requirements to be included in suppliers’ contracts, code of conduct and supplier E&S monitoring (including periodic visits to suppliers). The supply chain management procedure will include supplier for all company’s current and future activities
  • An Emergency Response Plan for the Warehouses and the Factory
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation procedure supported by an incident register. The procedure shall cover all the activities however a specific accident register will be maintained for each activity.
  • A contractors and transport companies management procedure
  • Security management plan including a code of conduct for security personnel.
  • Carry out the CR&S activities like Health camps and Women self help groups formation and strengthening.
  • Manage a team on ground as the role and the division evolves.
  • Carry out other responsibilities as given by the management from time to time.


  • Master degree in either sustainability, social and/or environmental sciences or related field of E&S-expertise preferably with agribusiness; or Master degree in Agriculture with experience in environmental and social impacts of agriculture.
  • Complete knowledge of international standards (e.g. IFC Performance Standards, OECD, ILO, Human Rights), certifications and E&S risk profiles in emerging markets (ISO 9001; ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001; SA 8000);
  • Minimum of 7 to 10-years relevant working experience;
  • Knowledge of supply chain certificates like UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, etc.

Fluency in English & French Mandatory


  • Project & process management skills (delivering results within project scope and close cooperation with other deal-team members and partners);
  • Priority setting, ability to distinguish between main and side matters;
  • Analytical capacities, able to arrive at well-considered opinions and set priorities for action;
  • Intercultural negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.